Shoot for the stars!

The other day—after many months—inspiration hit. Over the holidays we finally got around to spiffying up Edwin's bedroom in our new apartment, and now the bare walls are begging for some artwork. I was going to put up some of his favourite trucks, but the space works best with a vertical print. So one night after story time we were all sitting on his little couch staring at the empty wall, what should we put there I asked? And Eddie replied, a rocket ship! So, what is a mama to do but sit down at her computer and get to work. Since I really like to have some kind of educational element to my prints when possible, I've included some constellations that he can learn as he gets older. And of course, the boy in the rocket ship is Edwin.

It's still a work in progress, but I'm happy with how it's coming along. What do you think? Should I pop a few in the shop? I was thinking I could have a few different kid options available too (ie, boy or girl, brown, black or blond hair, and different lengths / styles).

xo Bess


New Year's Eve for the little ones

I made up some quick little stickers for Edwin and his friends to celebrate New Year's Eve. We'll be hosting a dinner for a couple families with small children and I though it might be fun for the kids to do some NYE arts and crafts. 

In addition to the stickers, I'll have some curly ribbon on hand, washi tape and lots of markers, crayons and stamps. The goal is to decorate little party hats, if I can organize myself in time. Hopefully they'll enjoy it and it will ease the staying-up-a-bit-later-than-normal hyperactivity. 

If you'd like to download the graphics, you can do so here

They are designed for Avery A4 Round Lablels, 60 mm (circle dimensions), of course you can print them on normal paper and cut them out too. 

Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays friends!

We are staying in Freiburg this year for Christmas, celebrating a quiet holiday season and enjoying the new sights and traditions in Germany. The end of 2014 has been busy, mostly on Charles' end, but that means that my parenting duties have doubled. Things with our little family are good however; Edwin is really starting to feel settled in his kindergarten, and we are starting to find our new rhythm, ie, time for me to do some work. I've got some projects milling about in my mind and I'm eager to hit the ground running in 2015 and really carve out some me/work time.

Life in Germany has been wonderful so far, but also presented us with challenges. Thank you for your patience with English Muffin, and for your continued support.

xo Bess


We're Open!

Hello everyone! 

Sorry for the radio silence over here, I've had my Mama hat on pretty exclusively for the last few months. Edwin and I have been enjoying our Summer together to the fullest. However, with Fall upon us, and Edwin slowly transitioning into kindergarten, I've decided to re-open my online shop. So, if you've been waiting patiently (thank you!) to place an order, feel free to click on over: englishmuffinshop.com 

Happy October!! 
xo Bess


Finland & France

Hello! (Yes, I still exist.) July was a busy month around here! We began the month traveling to Finland for 10 days of beautiful summer weather and delicious food, hot saunas, cool swims in the sea, and lots of love from my family. We traveled on busses, in planes, trains and cars and had a really great time. Edwin loved it, although travelling with a toddler is still always harder than I think it will be. Vacation to me still means time to relax and recharge, when will I get the memo? Vacations with toddlers are more work than being at home!! For us though, it was definitely worth it, Edwin had so many wonderful experiences and got to meet his Finnish family—what memories are made of. 

After our holiday in Finland we met our friends from Halifax and headed on a mini-road-trip to Burgundy. We rented a house with some other friends from Paris / Toronto and spent 3 beautiful days in the tiny (80-inhabitants-tiny) town of Essarois. The house was beautiful and old, the backyard large and green and the food delicious. We let the kids run wild, and caught up on each others' lives.

The following weekend we had friends from Montreal visit, and tried to host them as best we could in our new adopted city. It's funny to show people around a city you've only lived in for 4 months! 

Things have quieted down in terms of summer plans, but now the work deadlines loom their heads! Oh, and we still have no child-care! So if you find yourself wondering whatever happened to Bess and English Muffin, I'm still here, mostly likely just hanging out at the playground or out riding bikes. 

xo Bess


Summer Holidays!

Campfire Bags - Adventure Pack (I want one!!)
We're off to Finland this week for 10 days of coastal living, forest walks, saunas, Scandinavian food and design, and maybe even a few Moomins (for Edwin, of course!). I'm so happy that we are once again close enough to Finland that we can afford the airfare for all three of us to go and visit my Finnish family—this will be the first time they're meeting Edwin. We'll be staying with my family in their home in Turku for a few days, and then going to the cottage on the Baltic Sea. On our way back we've booked a night in Helsinki, so we'll spend one day there before flying out.

And, in a super lucky coincidence, one of my favourite Finnish design studios, Polkka Jam, just released a Turku Treasure Map, "Find everything from art, books and records to ecological products, vintage clothing and Finnish design." Sounds great, can't wait!

Hope you're enjoying your Summer!
xo Bess



I'm so happy to share with you that I re-opened both the English Muffin online shop and Etsy shop last week. They had been closed for a bit longer than I had originally anticipated while we got our little family settled in Freiburg, Germany, and I thank you all for your patience.

Some Good Shop News

Shipping to North America and many other locations around the world will be less expensive than when we were shipping from Canada (if you can believe it!). English Muffin now offers two shipping options, Standard International Shipping (anywhere outside of Germany) for $5 USD, and Int'l Shipping with a Tracking Number (anywhere outside of Germany) for $7.50 USD.

New Prints will start appearing in the shop over the next few weeks beginning with the individual Truck Prints! There are currently four trucks available in sizes ranging from 8" x 10" to 17" x 22".

I'll be sending out a Newsletter soon with a promo code for a sweet Summer deal—sign-up to the English Muffin Mailing List (in the blog sidebar, or at the bottom of our website) to make sure you don't miss out.

Have a wonderful day!
xx Bess


iPhone Study No.1

The world is an ever changing place, and if you had told me only a couple of years ago that I would leave my Nikon DSLR sitting at home while exploring a new European city I wouldn't have believed you. However, that is exactly what I am now doing. We've been in Freiburg for two months and the only—I repeat, the ONLY—photos of the city I have are on my iPhone. 

Does it mean I'm getting lazy in my old age and new motherhood? Maybe. Does it mean my love of photography is waning? I don't think so. Does it mean the convenience of the iPhone and it's small and practical size are winning out over my expensive and bulky camera? Yes. Not to mention, the photos it takes are pretty impressive. 

So, here's a little study I made on moss and lichen while Edwin and I were exploring one day. He was having fun running up and down the ancient stone staircase, and I was having fun discovering what was living on these ancient stone walls. 

Have a wonderful weekend!
xx Bess